Final Junior Competition 23rd September

The last Junior competition of the season was blessed with a dry, although cold day, but after weather warnings being issued previously, we were all thankful!

With a great turn out for the competition and aspiring golfers for coaching on the range, a good time was had by all.


  • ALL the volunteers who have helped by escorting the juniors, your support is invaluable and appreciated.

  • our Junior Captain, Georgia Allen, for her presence, commitment and support. She has escorted groups, presented prizes and is an exemplary role model

  • Our Club Captains, who have taken an active interest and presented prizes.

  • the coaches for inspiring the newcomers on the range.

  • Tracey Taylor and Nigel Curran for their work behind the scenes in setting up a programme for administering the Society Handicaps, setting up Master Scoreboard for the Juniors with official handicaps and for posting the results and keeping me on the straight and narrow!

  • Phil Vaughan and Gavin Beddow for their support.

  • the Academy Driving Range staff for their patience.

  • everyone who has attended and especially to parents/guardians for bringing the Juniors along!

Our Club Captain presented the prizes and the results were as follows:

Gold Division 1st Tom Irvine

2nd Sam Read3rd

Finley Camilleri

NTP Finley Camilleri

Silver Division 1st Charlotte Kerr

2nd Zach Blackburn

3rd Thomas Parrott

NTP Charlotte Kerr

Keep checking website for future events as we plan to arrange some activities over Winter.

I look forward to seeing you all again soon!Christine McEwan

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